Ideal for the agencies that want to self activate with Brand Ambasadors, whether it be for a week, month or more. No need to have to learn all the back end and tech, we’ve done the hard work.  


We have solutions that are perfect for going on tour, with custom cases designed to protect the kit, even with options that can fly as hold luggage with weight to spare,


We fully support our lease hire equipment with phone support and for certain equipment remote access to allow us to trouble shoot should there be any issues. Full training is always provided



f you are looking at running a tour for a month, having a week long in-store promotion or even are attending a trade show and are looking for something that you can self activate with your staff or BAs then we may have the solution for you.

We have equipment available for both digital only photo ops with real time sharing and also with printing options. All of our tour equipment is designed with travelling and quick set up in mind.

With options including hand held iPad mechanics, iPad based photo stations, PC based mini pods and full retail pods with built in printing, there is something for every activation. 

Retail photo booth lease London
Small ipad lease photo booth UK
Photo booth lease for tour UK

Our leasing rates work on a sliding scale so the longer you require it for the less it costs per day. Most of our kit can be shipped direct to you, or for retail or London based hires we can personally deliver the equipment, set it up and train you.

With all of our leases you have the option for branding, custom graphics, regular reports and custom sharing features as well as other options based on the hire type.. 

Of course as our kit means a lot to us, we are there to fully support it and your staff, we are at the end of phone, and have remote access to equipment that allows it.

Our lease options are ideal for standard photo ops or standard and boomerang GIFs (anything more advanced we would say that you need us to activate).

Drop us a line to discuss your requirements and we will be more than happy to help.

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