Corporate Events

All our experiences are perfect for your corporate event be it an awards evening, product launch, press event, in-store promotion, brand activation or trade show. In fact some of our experiences were designed with the corporate market in mind.

We understand the importance of brand recognition, with that in mind all our experieces can be branded including the interface screens, vinyl wrapping of equipment, custom printed backdrops as well as the actual outputs. Please see our branding page more information on what we can offer you.

For clients looking to hire an experience for a brand promotion we all about stats and ROI for you, so for any event that has social sharing we will provide you with a full report of the sharing data and social reach, as well as having the options to harvest the user data, or include disclaimners and surveys. Our sharing software allows the users to post direct to social media, get email delivery or even have us create a custom microsite for you, so teh user is sent to a branded page to retrieve just their own photos. 

As well as the listed experiences we offer on this site we are always open to discuss new ideas and come up with solutions tailored for you, as we have wealth of knowledge and tech know how and have more tricks up our sleeves than listed here. We know our software inside out and also have the abilty for custom develeopment too.

If you are looking at self activating we also have options to lease for standard photo ops and GIFs

Experiental photo marketing
Social brand photo booth

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