Be it a another guest, famous person, animal or even a zombie you will see the transformation happen right after the picture has been taken . Some may say it’s a bit freaky!


As well as the digital animations we can also provide prints of the morph, showing the different stages of the morph. Or for a totally different idea we can even make flipbooks!


The best way to view the morphs is digitally, so we provide a sharing station for your guests to share their transformations online direct to social media.


Let your guests be like a superhero and morph into another person or animal with our face morphing booth!

With our specialised software we can set up a custom morph for your event and allow your guests and users to morph into each other, into a celebrity or even into an animal! The possibilities are endless, just let us now what you would like and we can do the rest.

We simply line the user up and take a single photo of them in front of our background with the pod, and then the magic happens and their morph is created. The morph is more than simple fade of two images, they really do morph with features blending and stretching, using some rather clever and complex stuff that we think is mystical.

The morph can be branded with an overlay and can be exported as a GIF or a movie file. If having the movie file option we can even add a little upbeat tune to go with it.

All morphs are available to view on the sharing tablet. From where the guests can send an electronic copy to themselves or post it direct to their social media.

If you want a hard copy we can even turn the morphs into prints showing different stages, or combine it with our flipbook experience.

Included with all quotes

  • Set up and tear down of the pod and background
  • Choice of morph type with artwork set up
  • Requested number of hours
  • Standard tablet sharing station 
  • Basic branding/customisation added to morph
  • Digital copies of all the videos


Additional Extras

  • Additional sharing stations
  • External Slideshow Screens
  • Email lead and data capture from sharing stations
  • Survey feature on sharing stations
  • Branded microsites
  • Custom branded tension fabric tablet and TV stands
  • Custom printed background
  • Flipbooks or prints

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