Unlike a regular photo booth hire a slow motion video booth needs props to match, thats why we pack a box load of confetti, party poppers, balloons and other items that look great slowed down. 


With our software there is no post editing required. The videos are edited on the fly including music, speed intervals and intros/outros.


All Slow Motion experiences come with a sharing station kiosk so your guests can review their videos and share them with friends and family online or by email.


With everyone rushing around like crazy why not let us slow down the action with our slow-mo video booth. We’ll set up our slomo studio complete with lights and a backdrop of your choice to film your guests for a short period using our slow motion camera at up to 250fps.

We supply plenty of slomo suitable items such as confetti, bubbles, party poppers and other fun stuff, as well as our usual mix of general props for your guests to really get in on the action.

The videos are available instantly for your guests to show off online with their friends using the provided tablet based sharing station.

All videos can be branded with an overlay or logo and even have music added to them on the fly. Plus if you want to get really fancy we can even place them in a scene using green screen, yes that’s right green screen slow-mo!

Furthermore you can also choose to combine the slow motion video booth with a photo booth session so the guests can have both a video made then a photo session to go away with from the event with a print.

Included with all quotes

  • Set up and tear down of the studio
  • Choice of background colour
  • Requested number of hours
  • Overlay/branding added to videos
  • Assortment of general props & slow-mo consumables
  • Sharing via tablet
  • Digital copies of all the videos

Additional Extras

  • Photo option enables (let the guests have a photo session too)
  • Additional sharing stations
  • Green screen option
  • External Slideshow Screens
  • Email lead and data capture from sharing stations
  • Survey feature on sharing stations
  • Branded microsites
  • Custom branded backdrop and tablet stands
  • Custom props

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