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Our range of services and experiences work great at any private event be it a Wedding, Mitzvah, Prom, Birthday or any excuse for a good ole shin dig! As every event is different we don’t have a one price fits all as we work with you to make sure the service we provide is tailored to you and your event, but as a guide our prices start at £595.00.

As every event is so different and not all of our experiences are suited for all events we have put together a suggestion of ideas that are popular with each event type, So pick your category and let us advise you on what we feel are the best options for most events…


With the big day being planned in every minute detail you no doubt want something to accompany the day that will tie in perfectly with your theme and decor. This is where we can help with our services.

The most popular option for weddings is still our photo booths: we offer two types either our retro enclosed, or an open pod type, with each one having different pros and cons. All of our booths are elegant and stylish and fit within any decor. With the open type you have the added benefit of choosing one of our backdrops, or keep it simple and elegant and have the solid white. With our wedding photo booth hire we also tailor the prints to you, with a wide range of elegant templates available to match most themes, we will add your names and dates to the layout to personalise it for you. Popular add-ons for weddings also include a guest book option.

The second most popular experience for weddings is our flip book hire, although a higher budget item, the guests really love this novel approach to a photo booth as it’s most likely something they haven’t seen before. As with the photo booth we tailor the print outs for you, with either a standard cover page or full custom book wraps. As with our open booth style you have the choice of backdrops or the added option to use green screen instead to really personalise the event (we also offer custom printed backdrop too for this).

If you love the idea of a photo booth but are looking to add a twist to it then our animated GIFs are the solution for you. We can set up a variety of different options from having a standard photo booth session and getting both prints and a GIF (again with custom layouts), or for something a little more fun a confetti boomerang booth would really set the the celebrations going (albeit a tad messy).

No matter what you type of photo entertainment you are looking for your wedding, drop us aline and we would be more than happy to advise based on your budget, venue and plans.


We love a good Mitzvah (although we try not to embarrass ourselves too much with the dancing), as they are always great fun to work! With most people wanting something a little different for their simcha we have a range of ideas for you that may be a bit different to the norm.

Other than of course our photo booths and flip books, our first choice would be a green screen studio and combining this with our novelty print studio so that the guests can go away with something a bit more substantial than just a print. We have the option to produce phone cases, mugs, glitter blocks, snow domes, poster prints and more! Unlike most other companies we don’t use a heat press method so we can produce them all a lot quicker and no risk of inquisitive Johnny trying to touch the heat press!

Another great idea is our Novelty ID card station, where we print customised novelty IDs. These can either be custom designed to match the theme for your event, or we can bring along a selection of stock cards for this. Either way your guest will have their photo taken at the ID station and go away with plastic ID card, with the option of having your event details on the back of it too. 

If you have a larger amount of space then our light painting experience booth is another idea to consider, where we set up a dark enclosure and the guests enter the booth, where they pose for a unique light painting photo using a variety of LED tools.

Finally we would also recommend the face morphing booth as something that will keep the guests amused (and also bewildered). With this we can set up a couple of different options for the guests to morph into, including having them morph into the Mitzvah boy/girl, a stock image to match the theme, or have two guests morph into each other (great for settling the family arguments that mum and uncle really do look alike!

Of course we have a range of other experiences that would also work great, or you can always ask us for something and we can let you know if we can offer it (we do keep a few tricks up our sleeve)

Proms & Balls

Photo booths are the number one option for Proms and Balls out of the services we offer as the prints make a great memento of the event. As the majority of proms and balls are ticketed events the booths are generally the lower priced option too. By adding a few pounds to each ticket the booth will be paid for, and no need to worry about the expense coming out the overall budget.

For Charity Balls we recommend that you seek out a sponsor or two, and have them sponsor the booth and in return we will place their logos on the print outs making it visible to the users that the booth has been paid for by them. This way it doesn’t cost the charity anything.

As we started off as photographers by trade, we can also offer an onsite studio/red carpet step & repeat if you preferred. With this a photographer will pose your guests and take a selection of photos that they can then chose to get printed. We offer this as pre-paid service only rather than the guests paying for prints, with an agreed number of prints being paid for and vouchers issued to your guests for these to redeem for their printed photos.

For the more extravagant balls some of our other services may be of interest such as the flip books, green screen photos or hashtag printing

Parties & Other Events

Whether it be a party to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, engagement, family reunion or any other excuse to a get together we have a solution for you!

For the majority of parties a photo booth is the most requested item we offer, and we would recommend one of our open pod types so that you can fit more people in the picture (unless you are close and don’t mind cramming into a small space). As with all events we like to personlise the experience for you, and with this in mind we offer a variety of options for the photo strip design with personalision included. If you are going for the open type we have a choice of background including some that are aimed at parties than wedding with some very bold colours and patterns (take a look at the Flamingos or comic book print!).

Of course you aren’t limited to just a photo booth for your party, our green screen is also a great choice especially for themed partied where we can match the background to your event, or even create some great animations with our GIF booth. The same goes for the flip books, these have proven popular for landmark birthdays!

Take a look at all our experiences and see if anything takes your fancy then drop us a line to see what we can do for you!

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